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Winter Newsletter 2021

Wondering what we have been up to in the last few months?

We took a closer look at some of the opportunities and challenges of building rail-side homes in December when we teamed up with The Voice of Authority to deliver a webinar on the topic. The Reach has featured in an exciting new documentary series, London’s New Voices, commissioned by Peabody. Our Custom Build homes in Essex are now available to purchase and we ventured outside our doorstep to find inspiration during lockdown.

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Rail-side homes: the challenges and potential

Large tracks of land next to railways remain under-developed but full of potential. Unlocking these sites has the opportunity to create many thousands of new homes and help ease the housing crisis. So, how do we address the main development challenges involved to create enduring places of value and well-lit, peaceful homes that residents enjoy?

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Cities are louder than ever – and it's the poor who suffer most

‘But advances in architecture and sound engineering could offer solutions...’ Mint Street is included as an example of how a site considered too noisy for living was successfully transformed.

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The vast majority of architects can't bid for public work: something has to change

Article by Tarek Merlin on the UK's public procurement system and exclusion of small practices, with our appointment for Mint Street by Peabody mentioned as a small practice success story.

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Hiding in plain sight: How London street signs reveal more than just names

Graphic designer Alistair Hall uses Instagram as a platform to highlight the city's significant nameplates.

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