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Pitman Tozer Architects have carefully developed a range of skills and expertise that expand beyond the traditional role of the architect. We are able to offer expert advice, guidance and services in a number of areas which complement and enhance the work we do as architects including masterplanning, feasibility studies, building next to infrastructure, sustainability, design review, model making, visualisations, health & safety services, policy writing and review, collaborations and joint ventures, and research and teaching.


We are architects shaping complex urban fabric, making cities great places to live. We offer full architectural services from project inception through design delivery to final completion and handover. We enjoy seeing projects all the way through, anticipating and resolving the many hurdles in between.

Building next to infrastructure

We have developed a reputation for making once unlovable locations liveable and indeed desirable. We have delivered site specific responses next to challenging infrastructure including elevated roads and busy railways, finding new design and technical solutions to air quality, traffic noise, overlooking and solar gain.


We consider the environmental impact of a building from the outset of a project, whether it’s a one-off private house or a large-scale urban regeneration project. We are committed to working with clients and consultants to deliver sustainable and resource efficient buildings, and minimise life-cycle costs through well considered, efficient and innovative design solutions.


We have an interest in the city. Our experience of development in London, from high quality private housing to large scale regeneration schemes, means we see the city experience from many different angles. This experience underpins our approach to masterplanning and urban regeneration. Through our masterplan work we aim to help our clients fully optimise their site, providing urban continuity and cohesion, and promoting active and passive interaction of daily life that helps makes a city work.

Feasibility Studies

Often the viability of a project is unknown at the beginning, and the opportunities a particular site offers are not immediately apparent. We offer services at this early stage to assist with the development of a brief, helping to assess the feasibility of a project, its site, opportunities and possible constraints to a project’s delivery.

Design Review

We participate in a number of Design Review Panels for Local Authorities throughout Greater London, helping to support a borough wide approach to the promotion of architectural excellence for all new schemes. We also offer peer reviews to other designers.

Model making

We have an inhouse model maker who creates beautiful models of all our projects in a dedicated workshop complete with state-of-the-art laser cutting capabilities.


We are visual people and believe the communication of an idea is often simpler with an image. We produce in-house computer-generated images and renders to help describe our designs and offer these services alongside our architectural services.

Health & Safety Services

We carry out the role of Principal Designer on many projects, helping guide our clients through the Construction Design and Management Regulations 2015, ensuring the buildings we design are safe to build, live in and maintain.

Policy Writing and Review

Our extensive work with Local Authorities has given us expert insight into the complex world of policy and guidance documents used by clients, planners and architects in the assessment of design proposals. We have carried out reviews and audits for several Local Authorities to help improve, update and often rewrite their policy documentation.

Collaborations and Joint Ventures

We enjoy working with others and are proud to have collaborated with other designers and developers on a number of projects, including working alongside other architects to deliver large scale masterplan and urban regeneration projects, to joint venture partnering with a developer to provide custom build housing.

Research and teaching

Since the studio first began, we have balanced the development of our professional practice with teaching posts and academic research at a number of leading architectural schools. As we learn about new technologies and construction innovations, we are keen to pass on the benefit of our knowledge to both our colleagues and the next generation of practitioners.